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Dr Matthew Lau teaching hysteroscopy

Gynaecology 妇科

A Happier, Healthier You

Dr Lau has many years of experience in gynaecological surgery and specialised in minimally invasive surgery/ gynae-endoscopy surgery.  Dr Lau works with City Fertility Centre, to deliver state of the art fertility treatment to you.  

He also constantly dedicates himself to ongoing learning and keeping up to date with ever-changing technological advances in the field of Gynaecology. He is a Gynaecologist at Monash Health and is involved in training and mentoring junior doctors.

刘医生在妇科手术方面有多年的经验,专门从事微创手术/腹腔镜/内窥镜手术。他也不断致力于持续的学习,并随时了解妇科领域不断变化的技术与进步。他是Monash Health的妇科医生,参与培训和指导初级医生。

Menstrual disturbances           乱经/痛经
Fibroids                                     子宫肌瘤/肉瘤
Endometriosis                           子宫内膜外移
Polycystic ovaries                     多囊卵巢症
ovarian cysts                             卵巢瘤
Menopause                               更年期
Pelvic inflammatory disease    盆腔炎
Infertility                                   不孕症

sharing joyous moment with Dr Matthew Lau

Obstetrics 产科

Always There For You

Dr Lau manages all stages of pregnancy from pre-pregnancy planning to birth and beyond. His motto is to keep yourself and your baby happy. You will be able to contact him at any time during the pregnancy should you have concerns. He will take utmost care of you and your baby.




Dr Lau deliver at both Mitcham Private Hospital and Waverley Private Hospital


刘医生可在 Mitcham Private Hospital​ 以及 Waverley Private Hospital 为您接生。

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